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(Cynondon Dactylon X C. Transvaalensis)

Santa Ana is a hybrid couch cultivar and has a finer leaf and therefore a softer feel than Wintergreen. This lawn produces one of the nicer lawns of all the couches if properly maintained. Santa Ana is best to be mowed with a cylinder mower. It is a darker/richer green than the other couches. Cabarlah Park Turf have used Santa Ana successfully on sporting ovals, home lawns, golf tees and cricket wickets.


  • Establishes quickly
  • Recovers quickly from damage
  • Tolerant of high temperature and drought
  • Medium salt tolerance
  • Good wear resistance
  • Excellent spring green up
  • Tolerates very close (low) mowing
  • Grows particularly well in Clay Soils

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  • Higher maintenance grass
  • May loose colour in frosted areas
  • Can build up Thatch if not properly maintained