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  • angrow multiweedControls Mullumbimby Couch
  • Kills clover, oxalis, bindii and other broadleaf weeds
  • Use on most lawns except Buffalo
  • Contains systemic herbicide
  • Pack Size: 250mL
  • Active Constituents: 192g/L bentazone, 112g/L MCPA, 19g/L Dicamba

How to Use:

See box for full details. Multiweed works best if it is applied by sprayer to get good coverage. Dilute according to the directions and apply over the area specified. Spray annual weeds when young and vigorous, and perennial weeds just prior to flowering when soil is moist. For effective control of Mullumbimby couch, spray in warmer months when weeds are actively growing. A repeat application may be necessary 3-4 weeks after the first application. Mullumbimby couch thrives in damp, acid conditions, so it may help to apply lime to the lawn a few weeks before applying Multiweed.