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  • amgrow bin die lawn herbicideKills Bindii, oxalis, clover and other broadleaf weeds
  • Use on most lawns INCLUDING BUFFALO
  • Contains contact and systemic herbicides
  • Treats larger area than most competitors
  • Pack Sizes: 100ml, 250ml
  • Active Constituent: 200g/L Bromoxynil, 200g/L MCPA

How To Use:

Bin-Die can be applied by sprayer or watering can (preferably with a sprinkle bar). Dilute according to directions, and then apply over the area specified. A second application may be necessary about 4 weeks after the first if weeds are well established. Do not exceed the recommended application rate or damage to lawn may result. Bin-Die should be applied in late winter (July/August) for optimum control of bindii, prior to seed-head development. Consult the pack for full details.